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Realistic Flipbook 3D 1.0 Addon for Blender 4

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Here is a new flipbook addon named Realistic Flipbook 3D 1.0 addon for Blender 4 series. As its name, it creates real Flipbooks of your given videos. This is the first release of this new addon in the future it will be updated as per your suggestions and requirements.


Have you ever wondered if you could create realistic Flipbook for yourself without any efforts? It is possible now with our new realistic flipbook 3d 1.0 addon.

Welcome to our NEW Realistic Flipbook 3D 1.0 Addon for Blender 4 series with simple and easy-to-use and best features.

What is Realistic Flipbook 3D?

It’s an addon/plugin for Blender which help you to create real Flipbook within a few seconds because of its amazing features. This one is completely different from the last Flipbook addon series.


  • Save and reset file to get start
  • Supports only English Language by default, other languages may throw errors
  • This realistic flipbook 3D 1.0 addon supports only 10 minutes video
  • Uploading long videos like 7-9 mins may take a long to generate complete flipbook or maybe crash Blender


  • Helpful user-interface to understand.
  • You may create both horizontal and vertical Flipbook.
  • Few steps to get started.
  • Uploading video just like on any software and here comes magic.
  • Uploading video makes your entire Flipbook.
  • You may also manage your generated Flipbooks if you don’t like them.
  • Select any flipbook to check if it created correctly.
  • Delete any book in the middle of sequence.
  • Setting camera is even more easy.
  • Change background.
  • Play with final resolution.
  • Rendering may take a long time depending your system.
  • Amazing results with MP4 file format.

How to create Flipbook using Realistic Flipbook 3D 1.0 step-by-step?

  1. Install this realistic Flipbook 3D addon in Blender 4.0 by click on Edit, Preferences, Add-ons, Install.
  2. Select zip file and install and enable it, make sure to save the preferences.
  3. Save the current file after installing this addon and reset file as well.
  4. Now, click on upload button to open a file browser to choose your video you want to convert it into Flipbook.
  5. Selecting any video will show you the total duration and frames to be working on at the left side.
  6. Once you have your frames you may calculate how many Flipbooks you will get.
  7. After selecting and uploading video it will take a while to get everything.
  8. At this time, you will have your flipbook ready.
  9. Last modifications are optional like adding background and resolution.
  10. Click on render button to get your flipbook render into the MP4 file format into your system.
  11. Two folders will be created which you saved the the Blender file in the starting.
  12. Rendering may take a long time depending on your system and Blender performance.
  13. Once your rendering completed you will get a new button for opening the folder which MP4 file has arrived.

Frames Calculations

The last frame will be duplicated until it completes the unit of 100. Below table will help you to how many Flipbooks will be created according to your video frames

Frames Flipbooks
100 1
394 4
895 9
1506 16
8492 Throw Error because it is longer than 10 mins
2460 25
687 7
105 2
89 1

These generated flipbooks will be in sequence to get you a long MP4 video.

Final Words

Thank you for purchasing our Realistic Flipbook 3D 1.0 new addon.

This is the first release of Realistic Flipbook 3D Addon. We hope you love it. If you want to customize this addon only for yourself make sure to contact us.

We are still in the development of this addon if you have any kind of suggestions please let us know. Please share this addon with your friends.

If you are in purchasing this product pleaseĀ Contact Us.


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