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FLIPBOOK 3D 4.1 NEW UPDATE for Blender 4.0

Original price was: $ 45.99.Current price is: $ 35.99.

Create realistic flipbooks with multiple variations such as different genders hands and various amount of numbers of Flipbook. Simply describing, Create your flipbooks within 2 mins in Blender 4.0.



FLIPBOOK 3D 4.1 is the latest version& it is the Blender addon that helps you create realistic FLIPBOOKS either vertically or horizontally within 2 mins. This is the latest update of the addon at this time.

What’s new in Flipbook 4.1

Since this update is part of the 4.0 series, there are a few changes 4.1 contains are listed below one-by-one.

  • Add numbers to pages
  • More Effects
  • Optimize Blender file while creating a flipbook
  • Convert video to images with a reduction of image resolution

We are working on Flipbook 3D to bring more interesting updates if you have any good ideas feel free to share them with us.

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Add Numbers to Pages

Disclaimer: During the process of adding numbers there is a chance your Blender may crash. It will be crashed once after rendering these numbers.

This is the major thing of Flipbook 3D 4.1 update and it’s mostly asked one. Now, you can add numbers to each flipbook page to visualize easily, this way your flipbook will be more realistic by using fonts such as hand-writing, comic, kids, etc.

To add numbers to your Flipbook you should follow these steps:

  • Make sure to have the flipbook created already otherwise it won’t work and will throw an error you need to click on the Add Numbers Button, it will bring you to a new work-space
  • Find the Flipbook 4.1 update panel in the side-bar by pressing N on the keyboard
  • You can change fonts, resize, transform numbers as you wish
  • Once you are done, render and go back to your original flipbook

More Effects:

There are 3 new effects and these are quite awesome and popular on social media. Playing with these can upgrade your flipbook to a new level. Their names are below:

  1. Posterize
  2. Scanlines
  3. Night Vision

Optimize Blender File:

4.1 Hope your Blender will work smoothly while making Flipbook although it is  400-page Flipbook. It does not hope for 600 Pages flipbooks. Sorry for this

Convert video to images with a reduction of image resolution:

There is a True and False option that will decide the resolution of your images while converting video. This conversation takes place in the upload video button, you will find this Boolean option there. We recommend keeping this True for even better behavior of Blender.

Final Words:

Thank you very much for purchasing this FLIPBOOK 3D 4.1 latest version addon. We hope you will find this add-on helpful and easy to use for making your FLIPBOOKS within 2 minutes.

We hope you will like this new and latest update. If you are having any type of issue please contact my email it is below. It was created and will be used inside Blender 4.0 we will have more updates in the future for this add-on.

We are still in the development of this addon if you have any kind of suggestions please let us know on Instagram. Please share this addon with your friends.

If you are in purchasing this product please Contact Us.


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