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Triceratops Rigged Skeleton 3D Model

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Triceratops Skeleton 3D Model is a rigged, low poly, high-quality, created in Blender 3.5 and rendered with cycle.



  • The Triceratops skeleton 3D model’s source file contains an essential script for the rig layers. Kindly allow the warning if you get it.
  • Preview images are captured with hdri and lighting which are not included in the source file.


  • There are 197 bones in Triceratops’s skeleton 3D model
  • Real World Scale. 8.05 meters in height, 3.60 meters in length
  • High-quality skeleton
  • Rigged with Rigify
  • Face rig included
  • No UV Mapped
  • Lights are not included in the file, I used to capture the images.
  • Unique bone names.

Geometry Details:

  • Vertices: 153,831
  • Edges: 308,280
  • Quads: 154,776
  • Bones: 197

File Formats:

  1. Source file: Blender (Triceratops Rigged Skeleton.blend)
  2. Extracted: FBX (Binary, 2018_00)
  3. Extracted: OBJ

Final Words:

Thank you very much for purchasing our Triceratops skeleton 3D models rigged we hope this will be your best purchase ever. If you are getting any errors feel free to ask.

Kindly Regards

Muzammil – CreatureGuard


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