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Realistic Titanosaurus Rigged 3D Model

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Realistic Titanosaurus Rigged 3D Model is created inside Blender by VFX_Blend. More Dinosaur 3d models are below.


Important Note:

The main blend file contains a script that will throw an error in the beginning but that is the most important script. Those allow you to access more features of the rig.

  • rig_ui.py


  • The titanosaurus scale unit is in meter
  • The length is 34m and the height is 19 m
  • Clean topology without any stretches, put anywhere for rendering
  • 4K PBR udim textures created in Blender
  • Three 4k udims tiles were created for the texturing
  • Rigging with Rigify, Blender’s pre-built rigging system for production
  • IK FK controllers for animation
  • Easy to animate
  • The preview images contain HDRI lighting that is packed with the file
  • The images contain some color composition that is already packed with the rendering

Geometry Statistics:

  • Vertices: 30,495
  • Edges: 60,515
  • Triangles: 60,424
  • Quads: 30,348

Titanosaurus File Formats:

There are 7 file formats with the titanosaurus 3d model. You may use any of those for you requirement also the textures are in another zip file.

  • Blender. Source file
  • DAE
  • DXF
  • FBX
  • GLB
  • OBJ
  • STL


As I already mentioned the textures are created with udims. Their names are listed below.

  • Albedo (4k, 3 tiles, png)
  • Metallic (4k, 3 tiles, png)
  • Normal (4k, 3 tiles, png)
  • Roughness (4k, 3 tiles, png)


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