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Hardcover Book Rigged & Animated 3D Model

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Hardcover book 3D can be used for realism projects as well as shorts.


How to use:

The final animation is created with the help of these bones named below:

  1. Controller lollipop-shaped the first bone to control the opening and closing of the hardcover book 3d.
  2. Pages. L or Pages. R circle-shaped with a line used the control the pages of left n right.
  3. Page1, Page2, Page3, and so on are the bones of the page used to control the page animation but you would have to move the shapes key animation also in the NLA panel.
  1. The hardcover book cover contains armature and subdivision surface.
  2. Pages. L and pages. R has a subdivision, lattice, shrinkwrap, edge split
  3. Binding has lattice, solidify, and subdivision.
  4. All pages contain armature, subdivision, shrinkwrap 2 times
File formats:
  • blend (Cycle Render)
  • FBX
  • Obj
  • dae Collada

The official file means the Blender file contains the cool and realistic animation for the book. There are 6 pages are flipping the book opens and closes as well. It is also included in the file.


The cover is unwrapped with non-overlapping and contains high-quality 4k PBR textures included:

  1. Diffuse. cover (4096×4096 JPG)
  2. Roughness. cover (4096×4096 JPG)
  3. Normal. cover (4096×4096 JPG)
  • Hardcover book 3D can be used for realism projects as well as shorts.
  • Pages are empty and ready to write or draw
  • Several drivers or constraints are used in the blender
  • Render with Cycle Engine with denoising node in the composting menu.
  • File formats fbx and obj are not supported in this rig Blender file recommended.
  • Non-overlapping UVs
  • The Hardcover Book 3D file contains 4 collections. 1. is for Book and an armature. 2nd collection contains Render Setup. 3rd collection contains extra objects or bone shapes to have a good look at bones. 4th collection is used for the pages that are animated or used to create this book.
  • The 3d book contains the polygonal quads, not any triangle
  • High-quality 4K textures are baked with Blender.
  • Buy Book to know more specialties.

Final Words:

Thank you very much for purchasing this I hope you will find this helpful

Creature Guard- Muzammil


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