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Reptile Skin Alpha Brush 001

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Reptile Skin Alpha Brush is created in Blender with the help of sculpting tools and a few techniques. This can be used to create skins of animals and reptiles such as dinosaur, dragon, crocodile, lizard, etc. It’s free to download make sure to get a copy.


Reptile Skin Alpha brush/texture help you quickly sculpt the skin of various animals a dinosaur, lizard, dragon, and others. Reptile skin alpha will be useful for 3d-sculptors, character modelers, in game art creation, etc. It’s simple and fast way to get realistic normal map and bump map of reptile skin for your low-poly characters.

File Formats:

The product is packed into a zip file that contains a black-white texture, and a gray-white texture. That’s enough to create unique skin for your 3d animals, or reptiles for 3d characters.

  1. Reptile Skin 001.blend (Source file: Contains an object from which Reptile Skin Alpha Brush is baked)
  2. Reptile Skin 001.obj (OBJ)
  3. 01.png (Mid-level: 0.5)
  4. 1.png (Mid-level: 0)


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