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Free Therizinosaurus 3D Model Download

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The Therizinosaurus 3d model is rendered in cycle engine and there are 3 files named .blend, .obj, and .fbx you can use these 3 files in the software below: Blender, Maya, and Cinema4D. You can download the free Therizinosaurus 3d model for download.


Specifications of Therizinosaurus 3D Model:

  1. Therizinosaurus 3d model Not rigged
  2. Clean Topology
  3. Can be Rigged & Animated
  4. Textured
  5. Quads & Tris are Mixed
  6. Created with simple shapes like spheres and cube
  7. Files do not contain the lighting and composting
  8. Rendered with cycles including HDRI and compositing

File Formats Of Therizinosaurus 3D Model:

  1. Blender
  2. FBX
  3. OBJ

Thank you very much for purchasing our Therizinosaurus 3D model we hope this will be your best download ever. If you are getting any errors feel free to ask.

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