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Flipbook 3D New 1.0 Update Blender Addon

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Flipbook 3d addon new update 1.0. It’s released here and now you can create a realistic flipbook within 2 mins inside Blender.


What is New to Flipbook 3D v1.0?

Flipbook 3d is a Blender addon that helps you create realistic flipbooks within 2 mins. It gets updated on your requirements. This is 4th update of this addon. This time there are more awesome features are added to your requirements. They are listed below one by one.

1. Realism

This is one of the most requested features of this update. For the purpose of realism this time flipbook 3d addon has 2 flipbooks with vertical and horizontal shapes also you can change the hands between male and female.

2. Additional Flipbooks

There are 2 flipbooks with different shapes vertical and horizontal. These shapes can be changed while making your flipbook.

3. Effects:

As we already introduced effects in our last update of Flipbook 3d but this one is a bit high-level. There are 20+ effects included in this update. Some of the effects are listed below

  • Original
  • Bulge
  • Cell Fade
  • Chromatic Color
  • Comic
  • Dither (Artistic)
  • Dot Matrix Duotone
  • Dot Matrix
  • Dots
  • Duotone
  • EBU
  • Fan Fade

If you like any effect please let us know then we will add it as well.

4. Effective Interface

This time the interface is really impressive for both video conversion and flipbook creation. A short and helpful interface has tooltips to learn this addon easily.

5. Animation

Animation is one of the new features in this update. There are currently 5 basic animations at the beginning of the flipbook. If you like this please let us know to add more animations.

6. And More!

Like adding a background or changing the background color. Adding sound to your flipbook to make it ready for sharing with your friends.

How to use Flipbook 3d 1.0?

Once you installed Flipbook 3d you need to follow the following steps to create your Flipbook

  1. Save the blender file to your disk for getting started.
  2. Reset the file to get rid of everything and start the addon
  3. Upload your video if you have reset the file
  4. Once you upload your video it will take a while to get everything needed for the flipbook.
  5. Now you can change the flipbook shape, hands, and also animation.
  6. If you want to add effect to your flipbook then make sure to choose the best one for you and add it by clicking on add effect button
  7. Add a background if needed or change the background color
  8. You may also add the sounds to your flipbook
  9. Finally set the resolution for your video and also set the name of your video
  10. Simply, render flipbook.

Once your rendering is completed you can open the video by clicking on the open video button.

Final Words:

Thank you very much for purchasing this flipbook 3d blender addon. I hope you would find this add-on helpful and easy to use for making your flipbook.

We hope you would like this new update. If you are having any type of issue please contact my email it is below. This is my first add-on created inside Blender 3.5 we will have more updates in the future for this add-on.

We are still in the development of this addon if you have any kind of suggestions please let us know on Instagram. Please share this addon with your friends.

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