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Baryonyx Basemesh 3D Model Free Download

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Baryonyx basemesh is rendered in viewport and there is only one file named .obj, you can use this .obj file in software below: Blender, Maya, Cinema4D. You can download Baryonyx basemesh it is free 3d model.


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Baryonyx basemesh is available with a low topology now you just need to start sculpting, ready for texturing, and apply materials to the Baryonyx basemesh model.


Verts: 37767 Faces: 36628 Tris: 73118

Add realism textures to Baryonyx with this base mesh model. No cleaning up is necessary and No special plugin needed. Just add your model into the scene and start working on sculpting, rigging, texturing, and animation then may it will be ready for games, or movies. Model files are without smooth applied, If you need a different size, just use the OBJ file and export it again with any dimension you want.

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Thank you very much for purchasing our Baryonyx basemesh 3D model we hope this will be your best download ever. If you are getting any errors feel free to ask.

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